Watercolor Portraits on Display: Albany Park and Lakeview

This February you have two chances to see Nancy’s watercolor portraits.

Saturday, February 9th, from 6-9 PM, stop into the Frankenstone Art Center and attend the artist reception of their Second Annual LOVE Show. Nancy’s watercolor portrait, originally titled “Don’t you want to engage me?” will be part of a collection of original artwork exploring a contemporary perspective on the subtleties of love. The artwork will be on display through the end of February.

And if you find yourself in the Lakeview area of Chicago, be sure to visit the bistro Southport and Irving. There you can enjoy a delicious meal while viewing their current display of local artists’ works, including Nancy’s “Woman Shaped by Light” and “Woman Shaped by


Don't you want to ENGAGE me?

"Woman Shaped by Light," Watercolor on Paper, 22" x 15"

"Woman Shaped by Shadow," Watercolor on Paper, 22" x 15"

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