Giant Chalkboard World Map and Retail Boards for Wixter Fish Market


Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio was hired by Wixter Market, a new fish market in Wicker Park, to create three chalkboards as functional statement pieces for their storefront. The first board is a five-by-ten-foot chalkboard world map with the continents shaded and each country identified in large hand-lettering.  The artists then drew charming fish illustrations for each seafood sold at the market, at the location on the map where the fish was caught.  The phrases around the outside of the map communicate Wixter Market’s commitment to sustainability and freshness.

The second board categorizes each available seafood by type and also includes illustrations of the fish or packaging.  The artists framed it with a thick rope, in keeping with the market’s nautical theme. The last board is a fun fisherman-themed A-frame chalkboard, which is placed outside of Wixter Market on the sidewalk.  This board promotes specials and deals to draw in passersby.  One clever fish-pun the artists put on this chalkboard is “Holy Shrimp, this Scampi Happening!”

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