AMA Chalk Board Art Marathon

The American Medical Association (AMA) hired Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio to create four chalkboards in four days for their annual conference, a trial-by-fire project featuring word art that highlighted each day’s AMA events.  We created the 7’x4’ boards on-site, so AMA members watched the art progress as they passed by in between meetings and events. The completed boards were displayed perpendicular to one another, forming an impressive pillar in the conference lobby. Thanks to the project’s team: Chicago artist Amanda Paulson, studio manager Nikki and summer intern Adrian.

AMA Board 1

Board One: This board was created during a Young Doctors dinner outdoors at the IBM Plaza on Friday night. It revolved around the conference’s theme, “Be part of the AMA Equation.”

AMA Board 2

Board Two: This board, created in the conference lobby, highlighted Saturday’s events, including the much-anticipated “Desserts from Around the World” celebration.

AMA Board 3

Board Three: The third board, also created on-site in the conference lobby, featured Monday’s “House of Delegates” meeting.

Board Four: The team poses with the final installment, which featured a chalk portrait of the AMA’s incoming president surrounded by biographical details and excerpts from his inaugural speech. This board was created “behind the scenes” and then placed on display, so that attendees immediately saw the board upon exiting the speech.

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