Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio works closely with clients to design and create original, high impact artwork. A typical project includes:

Step 1 – Idea Generating

Clients can come to our studio, located at 4040 N. Kedzie Ave. in the Albany Park neighborhood in Chicago, and meet with us to discuss your goals, audience, ideas and expectations for the artwork (this can also happen over the phone). We’ll ask questions, take notes and brainstorm ways to make your ideas a reality.

Step 2 – Thumbnail Directional Sketching

NPB Studio artists will create a variety of thumbnail sketches (small, quick, loose pencil drawings intended to express an idea). These sketches will allow you to imagine several different designs and approaches to the artwork. We’ll help you select from these directional sketches or choose elements from several of the designs.

Step 3 – Finalizing the Sketch

Once the direction is selected, we will create a more detailed color sketch for your approval, and revise this sketch to satisfy your needs. Upon your approval, we are ready to create your artwork.

Step 4 – Execution of Artwork

Depending on the size of the project, a team of 2-6 artists will create your artwork on location or in the studio, in the most efficient and effective manner. We will check in with you during the execution of the artwork to make sure we are meeting or (preferably) exceeding your expectations.


  • Some clients want us to keep their artwork fresh and up-to-date (this applies to chalkboard art in particular). We work with your needs to schedule updates, and we execute them in a timely and cost-effective manner. Some of our clients have been working with us for more than 6 years.

    Other clients want us to teach them how to update the artwork. We are happy to train you or your staff, and provide you with the supplies you need to keep the artwork up to date.

  • We work in teams of artists for three great reasons:

    1. Better Artwork: Working in teams allows us to tap into the talents of several creative professional artists. By building on one another’s ideas and abilities, we create artwork together that is better than each of us can create alone. We problem-solve and overcome obstacles better than one artist working alone.
    2. Faster Project Completion: Working in teams, we can divide up a task so each artist is working on an area that they are best suited for. With several artists working simultaneously, teams allow us to complete large-scale artwork more quickly and effectively than artists working alone.
    3. More Fun: We enjoy working with one another, we learn from each other, and we find that happy artists are productive artists.
  • It depends on the size and scope of your project. We charge by the hour or by the day, depending on project needs. Our hourly rates are $50/hour/artist for work done in our studio, and $75/hour/artist for work on location. Our day-rate vary by project needs.  

    All projects have 3 hour minimum. Project fees do not include expenses like supplies and travel, we will provide full documentation for all reimbursable expenses upon request.

     Tell us about your project and we will create a free custom estimate for you!

  • It depends. As a general rule of thumb, we can usually complete 1 square foot of artwork in an hour. Our speed of delivery varies based on the medium, complexity and density of the artwork.

    Tell us about your project and we will send you a free custom estimate.

  • Nope. While it impresses the heck out of us, we don’t do Julian Beever style 3D chalk art for two good reasons:

    1. True 3D chalk art takes up hundreds of feet on the pavement.  This would take several days to complete, which is expensive and subject to weather delays.  Plus most of our clients don’t have this much space on which we can work.
    2. True 3D chalk art only appears 3D from one location and height.  Unfortunately, the design looks distorted and confusing from all other angles (see this example or this one).

    From experience, we know that guests and passersby like to gather around us while we’re creating our artwork and see the work in progress. With a 3D design, the majority of guests won’t be able to enjoy the art work as intended.

  • You bet! We create murals at trade shows, meetings, parties, openings, product launches and many more special events. Our team of artists can create really impressive works of art in the desired span of time. We are friendly and happy to engage with your folks. And frankly, we’re fun to have around. Tell us about your special event and we will send you a free custom estimate.

  • Absolutely! A ghost sign is a nostalgic old hand-painted advertising sign that has been partially preserved on a building for an extended period of time. Several of our clients have wanted new signs that look old.

    We create hand painted Faux Ghost Signs or Distressed Signs on indoor or outdoor brick or wood by using muted tones with vintage fonts, and applying a dry brush and glaze painting technique, skillfully harnessing the natural brick texture. This results in a nostalgic old-time aesthetic. Here is an example.

  • Our team of professional artists have experience with almost any medium: acrylic paint, oil paint, pastels, enamel, chalk, watercolor, charcoal and spray-paint. We work on a variety of surfaces, including brick walls, drywall, pavement, chalkboards, wood, and windows.  

    We know our materials. We will always research any new materials to be sure that we can successfully paint on any other surface you might imagine (we even painted on rotomolded polyethylene).  Recently, we were asked to paint the plastic sides and metal back of an espresso maker. We created a design that used stencils with spray-on engine paint.

    We take pride in being informed and applying ingenuity to any problem.

  • Some artwork like Murals and Live Art, by their very nature, must be created on location. We will show up at your location at the agreed upon time, with all the tools and supplies we need to create beautiful artwork quickly. We’ll work around your schedule, carefully protect your space, and clean up after ourselves.

    However, if your artwork can be created in our large Northside Studio, we really enjoy working there. We can listen to music, stay up all night, and Kona the Studio Dog keeps us company. You’ll also save a little money if we work in the Studio vs. on location.

  • We are not afraid of heights, and we love to create large scale artwork! We have scaffolding that gets us up to about 16’’ high, and we can rent* anything that needs to get us higher. 

    *Rental fees will be added to your invoice.

  • Yes. Within the city of Chicago, we charge $50 for pick-up or delivery of artwork up to 4’ x 5’.  Larger sizes or suburban destinations require an estimate before scheduling.  If you have time and a large-enough vehicle, you can drop-off or pick-up artwork at our Studio (4040 N. Kedzie Ave.) when we are there, for no charge.

  • Yes, we require a 50% deposit to hold a date (for a special event) and to begin work on sketches. The remainder is due upon completion of the project.  We accept checks and we also accept credit cards (with a 3% upcharge to cover transaction fees).

We love working with clients who have big ideas and are seeking a unique way to engage their audience.

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