RSNA Live Mural


Nancy and Pochis Bank Arts were invited to create a 6’x8’ mural LIVE for the Radiological Society of North America’s Annual Meeting at the McCormick Place.

Every year their conference takes place in Chicago, so the RSNA wanted us to feature the beautiful skyline. While the skyline was painted with some creative liberties, the transparent skeletal structure was created from radiology imaging. The artists had to brush up on their anatomy to avoid structural errors that would be easily spotted by the audience of Radiologists.

Nancy, Brandin Hurley and Shayne Taylor painted for three days, completing the mural during the conference. To create the illusion of transparent watercolor with acrylic paint, the artists used many layers of acrylic glazes. The vibrant yellow and orange hues of the skeleton popped perfectly against the cool blue and turquoise city backdrop. Doctors attending the conference interacted with the artists and check in frequently to enjoy the process. Dozens of doctors tweeted photos of the mural with comments like, “Art meets Science meets Art.”

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