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Since 2000, I’ve been painting people – young and old, happy and angry, candid and posed. Artist Ed Hinkley describes my portraits as informal, expressive and intimate. My work has evolved over the years but these core qualities remain the same. I continue to be captivated by facial expressions, by body language, and by the challenge of capturing emotion and personality on a two-dimensional surface. The following represent a few of my personal projects.

Cognitive Dissonance

This series was originally inspired by an internet photo-shopped photo, and has grown to become an exploration of beauty and perception.

The Rage Series

“I began working on The Rage Series in 2004 as a way to vent my own anger over the politics of that year. Painting angry people seemed to help soothe my own emotions. But the more I delved into rage and its impact on the people possessed with it, the more fascinated I became. Rage can be tormenting, all-consuming and uncontrollable. The results of rage are often detrimental, sometimes tragic, but very rarely positive. Each of these portraits of anger are real; they are people I know or have read about. The titles reflect the events which incited their personal rage.”

– Nancy Pochis Bank

Rage Series paintings are available for purchase. Contact Nancy for pricing and availability.

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