Nike Training Club 2013


When the experimental Women’s Nike Training Club (NTC) retail store and workout studio opened in Lincoln Park in 2013, they asked Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio to help promote their merchandise and events with a series of hand-lettered chalk art illustrations. Studio artists created new chalkboards each week. Many of the chalk art illustrations included Nike product drawings along with features and benefits. Other chalk illustrations captured training schedules, inspirational quotes and special events. For the one-year life of the experimental store, Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio completed over 100 chalkboards that were displayed in the windows and throughout the store and fitness studio. The Studio’s custom hand-made chalkboards successfully created a local, welcoming and community-centered environment in the Club. Nike now uses hand-drawn product illustrations with land-lettered descriptions, inspired by those originally created by Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio, in many of their retail environments.

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