Cool Globes: Nature Nurture

Nature vs. Nurture

Nancy’s first globe, titled “Nature Nurture,” illustrates the importance of raising future environmentalists. Children who spend time with nature and who love and respect the earth are more likely to care for the earth as adult citizens and voters. Families who get outdoors to explore together give their kids the opportunity to bond with nature. A city parent herself, Nancy knows the challenge of getting urban kids to connect with nature. Nancy sanded, primed, painted, and varnished a 5’ diameter globe that illustrated outdoor scenes and words to inspire and provide ideas for families to enjoy the outdoors together.

This globe was sponsored by Goldman Sachs as part of the 2007 Cool Globes Chicago Lakefront Exhibit. The globe was later purchased by Abbott and generously donated to the Greenbelt Cultural Center in the Lake County Forest Preserve, located at 1215 Green Bay Road in North Chicago and open to the public.


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