Live Art Original Mural for Knoll Launch Party

Knoll Furniture hired Pochis Bank Art Studio to perform LIVE ART in front of 500 guests at their NeoCon 2016 cocktail party celebrating the launch of Rockwell Unscripted ™ by Rockwell Group and HiLo ™ by Box Clever. Knoll invited their designers and customers to enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and music while watching Nancy and her team paint an original 19 foot long mural at Morgan Manufacturing’s beautiful lofted party space,

Nancy said, “In designing this mural, we were inspired by the Mid-Century Modern furniture and colors Knoll has made famous. The mural also captures Knoll’s new brand message–that Knoll is a constellation of designers and brands.”

This project involved our whole team of studio artists: Natalie Michals, Shayne Taylor, and Brittney Williams helped with the preliminary designs. Brandin Hurley and Tracee Badway assisted Nancy at the event.

Nancy and her team of artists began the mural during the afternoon, and finished it over the course of the 3 hour cocktail party. Guests enjoyed watching as the bright colors, outlines and words became a cohesive and dynamic work of art.

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