Lakeview Chamber of Commerce Sunday Spot Live Chalk Pavement Art

Pochis Bank Art Studio was hired to create LIVE chalk pavement art at the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce Sunday Spot event. Every Sunday in the month of September at the intersection of Lincoln and Marshfield, the Lakeview Chambers of Commerce holds a family fun street fest filled with local vendors, musicians, and artists.

Knowing that young families would be in attendance, Nancy and the team came up with the idea of recreating scenes from the classic children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

The artists dusted off their old copies of the book and flipped through the pages for inspiration. Wanting to find a creative way to incorporate Whole Food‘s, the sponsor of the mural logo, they chose to draw the Hungry Caterpillar eating his way through the various iconic fruits from the book.

The artists started the mural by painting the fruit, the sun, and bodies of the children and the caterpillar with a base coat of tempera paint. The next step was to chalk in the details, specifically capturing Eric Carle’s signature collage style.  The team used over 3 dozen pieces of red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, white, black, and grey chalk.


Pochis Bank Art Studio Pavement Art Inspired by Eric Carle_3


Thank you to Dillon Goodson and his team at the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce for inviting us to participate in this exciting event! And thank you to Pochis Bank Artists Reed Henning,  Shayne Taylor and Brandin Hurley for helping Nancy design and execute this beautiful mural!

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