Interlocking Portraits

Introducing Interlocking Portraits™: a unique approach to portraiture created by artist Nancy Pochis Bank. Nancy developed the idea for Interlocking Portraits™ when her client wanted a family portrait that could ultimately be gifted to each of the client’s four children. Designed to hang together, these modular oil portraits can be enjoyed by the entire household, but can also be divided and given to family members as they move away from home or start their own families, allowing each of them to keep part of the cherished portrait set.

The four oil paintings featured here are of a Lincoln Park family on their roof deck, and are each 4-5 feet tall. Nancy used a traditional grisaille technique (gray tonal underpainting followed by color glazes) for a realistic look.

Each portrait is a custom collaboration between Nancy and the client. Interlocking Portraits™ are available in oil or watercolor.