Don Julio

Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio has chalked on some large walls and unexpected surfaces in the past, but never an entire room. Well mark it off the list, thanks to Don Julio‘s  well-styled pop up event at the Kinmont Restaurant. The famous tequila label hosted a Farm to Shaker dinner and tequila tasting in the Ampersand, one of the Kinmont’s private rooms that boasts interactive chalkboard walls.

Around the room, Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio styled the walls with illustrations of fresh produce, farm equipment, and agave plants. We also hand lettered the Don Julio brand, social media handles, quotes, and a description of each course, prepared by chef Edward Sura of Perrenial Virant. In addition to the indoor walls, we created an A-frame chalkboard to welcome guests into the event. A big thanks to studio artists Shayne Taylor and Brandin Hurley for their help on this big project.

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