Cool Globes Boston: Work in Progress

Nancy Pochis Bank Art Studio is painting two giant globes for the “Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” Exhibit opening in Boston on August 15. (You may recall our earlier work for Cool Globes, in 2007.) We’re on a tight timeline in order to finish the globes by early August, so everyone in the studio is helping with these. Special thanks to Margie Wolf, Grace Brandt, Marissa Weiss, and Tracee Badway. We’ll keep the themes of the globes a secret for now, but you can bet that they combine the themes and styles we do best in a whole new way. Watch this space for the unveiling of our finished globes in early August.

Partner artist Tracee Badway conditioning one of the globes.
Studio intern Margie Weiss hard at work.

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